PURAX Pure Pads
PURAX Pure Pads

PURAX Pure Pads

Secure and discrete protection with PURAX Pure Pads - experience a new Kind of new freedom.

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Does perspiration hinder work, play, and love? Does sweat control your life? Well, it's time to control your sweat; it is time to say goodbye to bad odor and sweat stains!

PURAX Pure PadsPURAX Pure Pads are the newest standard in the fight against underarm perspiration and body odor.

PURAX Pure Pads are your all natural, discreet and secure solution to excessive underarm perspiration. Each box of PURAX Pure Pads contains 30 self-adhesive, breathable and hygienic underarm pads, which are applied directly to the skin. And because of this direct skin application, PURAX Pure Pads target the root of the problem by absorbing sweat the moment it leaves your pores. With its unique patented shape PURAX Pure pads offer exceptional sweat absorption, remarkable odor control, and the power to be comfortable in your own skin.

So why continue to let those embarrassing sweat stains stop you from that perfect presentation, job interview, or first date? Simply use PURAX Pure Pads every day to regain confidence, and your first impression will be a great one.

  • Locks in bad odor
  • All natural - no chemical ingredients
  • Prevents sweat stains on clothing
  • Exceptionally absorbent
  • Applied to your underarms not garments
  • Freedom of movement is not affected
  • Safe and discreet protection - No one will ever know

Perfect fit due to patented butterfly shape

PURAX Pure Pads are self-adhesive pads for the armpit, applied directly on the skin. PURAX Pure Pads protect without hindering at work, leisure or sports - with PURAX Pure Pads you are always protected.

In order to feel dry, safe and well groomed on any occasion (such as business meetings, sports etc.) - you should use PURAX Pure Pads every day.

How it works

The special shape as well as the skin tested materials of PURAX Pure Pads contribute to a stability of shape by offering easy-on-skin wearing comfort. The shape and special adhesive ensures no pulling of skin or a loosening from the skin. Freedom of movement is not affected at all.

IllustrationThe absorbent
The pads allow the air circulate are very smooth and offer a very comfortable wearing. Because of its special shape PURAX Pure Pads won't slide. The pads consist of a highly absorbent soft fleece that allows perspiration to pass quickly through to the inside of the pads. The fluids are safely enclosed. In spite of high air circulation and moisture permeability, the pads control smell and due to a speedy absorption, optimal security against spills.

The adhesive
The quality of the skin tested adhesive ensures a reliable hold and lets the skin breathe. The adhesive has a very good hold even on body parts that move a lot, lets moisture permeate, and is well tolerated on delicate or sensitive skin.
PURAX Pure Pads can be removed painlessly without residue.

Advantages of the PURAX Pure Pads

  • Self-adhesive pads applied to the underarm
  • Directly applied onto skin
  • Absorbs sweat and odor
  • Feel dry, safe and well groomed
  • Protection against embarrassing sweat spots
  • All natural absorbent, no ingredients

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